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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Colorful Art of Procrastination

I've had a stomach bug the past few days so my house is a complete disaster!  My 2 year old has literally pulled every.single.toy out and they are all currently crashed in a massive pile of mess.  Good Times!  I desperately needed to suck it up and work on the mountain of laundry and putting toys away, but since that didn't sound like any fun, I made corker hair bows, ALL.DAY.LONG!!!

The Art of Procrastination - Love It!!!
I love all hair bows and have spent big bucks buying them for the past two years so I decided it was time to learn how to make them!  Cute little girls with colorful hair bows = CUTENESS!!!  Maybe it is because I have SO many Gymboree corker bows or because it is different than what I had growing up, I love corker hair bows the most!!!

I ordered all of my ribbon a couple weeks ago through several fabulous Etsy shops, and I watched the most amazing free tutorial on corker bows, I was very excited to get started.  First of all, don't drink the same naive Kool-Aid I did, it takes SO long to wrap all of the 1/4" dowels, SO long!  I baked ribbon all morning and afternoon long!  Then there is the business of cutting long corker strips into 3" pieces.  Again, very time consuming!

After all of my ribbon was wrapped, baked, cut and sorted, I started the assembly process.  This was the best part of all!  Don't get me wrong, although I'm complaining letting you know this project takes a chunk of time, each step is SO MUCH FUN!  

I intentionally made color palette bows so they will work with many outfits, I highly recommend this.  Although I made a lot of corker hair bows today, I already placed an additional ribbon order so I can make coordinating bows for ALL of my daughter's outfits.  Why have a few when you can have a LOT, right!?!

Pinks & Browns
 Oranges & Yellows
 Greens & Browns
 Shades of Purples
 Blues & Greens
 Pinks & Oranges
 This shows the clip - each is sewn on, very easy!!!
 I Love My Pile of Procrastination Color!!!
I'm almost finished with a few fun, FREE SEWING TUTORIALS that will be posted in the next week!!!  Thanks for stopping by - please visit again soon!  

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Facelift - Do I Look Younger!?!

OK, so " I " didn't have a face lift, my blog did.  What do you think!?!  I'm still very involved in the playing stage, playing with color and layout.  I would LOVE your feedback - please have a look around this blog and leave feedback, private message me (StitchStashDiva@yahoo.com), or Facebook message me.  I will send you a 10% Off code valid for two weeks as a special thank you!  The deadline for Feedback to receive your 10% Off code is December 31, 2011, however feedback is always welcome!  Thank you!

If you have general feedback, fabulous!  If not, please comment on any of the following questions that spark a response.  

Do you like the layout?
Is my blog easy to read?
I know I am lacking pictures on posts, but what else would you like more of?
Do you like my color choices?  If not, what colors do you prefer?
Other?  When you read my blog do you want to visit again soon?  If not, why?

I will e-mail you your 10% OFF coupon code after I receive your feedback.  You may leave feedback on this blog with your preferred e-mail address and I will delete your personal information before publishing, or you may comment "please do not publish."  I want your feedback, I don't need "numbers" here so whatever is easiest for you!

You can message me directly:  StitchStashDiva@yahoo.com

You can contact me through Facebook.

THANK YOU!!!  I have shipments from Robert Kaufman & MICHAEL MILLER arriving later this week...this is a great week for a discount code, just sayin'!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Time flies!  No excuses, only because there are too many fabulous ones to share, so this post is to let you all know I'm still alive and breathing, and getting ready to invest some serious time and energy into this blog starting in January.

Pictures and FREE projects soon!  

All the best,

Tayva - StitchStashDiva