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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Facelift - Do I Look Younger!?!

OK, so " I " didn't have a face lift, my blog did.  What do you think!?!  I'm still very involved in the playing stage, playing with color and layout.  I would LOVE your feedback - please have a look around this blog and leave feedback, private message me (StitchStashDiva@yahoo.com), or Facebook message me.  I will send you a 10% Off code valid for two weeks as a special thank you!  The deadline for Feedback to receive your 10% Off code is December 31, 2011, however feedback is always welcome!  Thank you!

If you have general feedback, fabulous!  If not, please comment on any of the following questions that spark a response.  

Do you like the layout?
Is my blog easy to read?
I know I am lacking pictures on posts, but what else would you like more of?
Do you like my color choices?  If not, what colors do you prefer?
Other?  When you read my blog do you want to visit again soon?  If not, why?

I will e-mail you your 10% OFF coupon code after I receive your feedback.  You may leave feedback on this blog with your preferred e-mail address and I will delete your personal information before publishing, or you may comment "please do not publish."  I want your feedback, I don't need "numbers" here so whatever is easiest for you!

You can message me directly:  StitchStashDiva@yahoo.com

You can contact me through Facebook.

THANK YOU!!!  I have shipments from Robert Kaufman & MICHAEL MILLER arriving later this week...this is a great week for a discount code, just sayin'!

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