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Monday, October 1, 2012

Treehouse Kids Dolls GIVEAWAY!!!

My sister, Leila, just opened a brand new doll shop, Treehouse Kids Dolls, and is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! Click HERE to enter - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! 

These dolls are over-the-top adorable!!!  Handmade by a mom of 4 boys, these dolls are made to last (read: durable)!  In addition to these dolls being the cutest rag doll I've ever seen, my very favorite feature is having the clothes and socks sewn onto the doll, no more naked dollies!!!  My 3 year old is a pro at undressing her baby dolls but putting clothes on, of no interest, ahem. 

My Sister Leila & Her SUPER Cute Treehouse Kids Dolls!!!
 The GIVEAWAY Prizes!!!

Have you ever made a Doll for your little!?!  A year ago I packed up a box of fabric and visited my mom's house with big plans to make a few dozen rag dolls from a pattern I purchased off of Etsy.  There is just something so special about handmade dolls, do you know what I'm talking about!?!

Anyhow, hours and DAYS later, with very little progress (you are smiling if you have ever made a rag doll), I realized my big plans were modified to finishing a few dolls for my daughter to play with in my fabric shop.  Rag Dolls are TOUGH to make and more time consuming than imaginable!!!

Most clever idea ever, a Treasure Pocket!!!
 Reminds me of that Happy Childhood Feeling!!!

NOW is the time to purchase a Treehouse Kid Doll for your little.  Tuck it away for Christmas, and you have almost three months to sew a box of cute clothes for your little to open with their doll!!!  As a special for my blog readers you will receive a PDF Pillowcase Dress Pattern, a FREE BONUS!!!  Simply leave a note at checkout "Dress Pattern" and your pattern will be e-mailed to you!

As an added bonus, I will offer all of my followers FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all of your fabric orders the entire month of October with each doll purchased!  When you purchase your doll, leave a note at checkout "StitchStashDiva" and you will receive an e-mail with a code to apply to ALL of your purchases, all month long.  

Click HERE to start shopping for your little's very own Treehouse Kids Doll!!!

Click HERE and LIKE Treehouse Kids Doll on Facebook to learn of sales and Limited Edition items!

Thank you for checking out my sister's new doll shop!  Please share the love and be sure to PIN these super cute dolls and handmade treasures on your Pinterest boards, and share with your play groups!

Happy October!!!