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Monday, July 25, 2011

Halloween Apron TUTORIAL

Thank you for purchasing the Halloween Apron KIT from my Etsy shop!  The following TUTORIAL is the way I make these aprons.  The Skeleton Apron Panel is a complete project alone, but as part of this kit you will create an improved "finished" product with a professional edge and a happy wash-and-wear bonus! If you have a fabulous tip you would like to share please post a comment below.  Thanks, and Happy Sewing!!!

Step 1:  Pre-Wash your fabric on cold and tumble dry on low.  Iron fabric.
Step 2:  Lay the Skeleton Apron Panel on a clean work surface, right-side up.
Step 3:  Cut out the neck ties, pocket, and waist ties.
Step 4:  Iron neck and waist ties - fold 1/4" and press, fold in half and press.
Step 5:  Pocket - Fold long seam (at Skeleton wrist) 1/4" and press, then fold another 1/4" and press.  Fold the three remaining sides over 1/4" and press.
Step 6:  Carefully place the pocket over the matching scene on the panel.  Pin.
Step 7:  Sew around three sides of the pocket (leave top open), then sew two seams, between the leg bones, to create a total of three pockets.
Step 8:  Place the neck and waist ties in position, then pin.  I pull the length of the ties into the middle of the apron panel and pin again to avoid any shifting and the possibility of sewing a loose end of a tie into a seam by mistake.  Been there done that, just sayin'!  ;-)
Step 9:  Lay the backing fabric on a clean work surface, right-side up.  Place the Skeleton Apron panel on top of the backing fabric, right-side down.  Right-sides should be together.  Pin, pin, pin!
Step 10:  Use the white edge of the Skeleton Panel as your guide and sew a 1/4" seam around the entire apron, leaving a 4" opening to turn right-side out.
Step 11:  Trim along the white edge. 
TIP:  At the 4" opening I cut a wider edge, a 1/2" edge, to make finishing easier.  I prefer to leave my opening at the bottom so I cut the entire bottom edge 1/2" from the seam.
Step 12:  Turn Skeleton Apron right-side out.  Iron.  Pin, pin, pin.
Step 13:  Top stitch 1/4" from the edge around the entire apron.  This top stitching step is very important - it reduces the need to iron after washing!!!  I take my aprons out of the dryer when damp, smooth out the fabric, then let them air-dry.  Without top stitching there is a LOT of shifting and ironing is absolutely necessary.  Just because I know how to iron doesn't mean I want to!  ;-)
TIP:  I like to make two seams, one a 1/4" from the edge, and another one millimeter inside the edge.  This second top stitching is not necessary, it is just a handmade bonus, and I like the look! 
 Voila - WELL DONE!
I hope you enjoyed this Skeleton Apron KIT!  These aprons are a fun treat for ourselves, a fabulous gift for the special Halloween-Loving-Person in your life, a hostess gift, or a unique teacher gift!  The manufacturer is completely out of the Skeleton Apron Panels and my supply is limited.  Re-order today, when they are gone they are gone!

Happy Sewing!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Cute

I stayed up late last night to sew a sample of my Skeleton Apron Kit.  Click here to see the listing in my shop.  Bundled kits are available for a substantial discount!!!

When I woke up this morning and called my husband he asked why I didn't list the apron for sale yet.  I explained I needed a model and he volunteered, such a good man!!!  When he volunteered I had the first picture in mind...
Mr. GQ
 This pose included a sales pitch for how fabulous and manly my Halloween BOO fabric is, or at least that is the story I'm telling!
One thing is for certain, we are having fun in our house!  These Skeleton Apron Kits are SO easy and SO MUCH FUN!  Please check out my shop and message me if you prefer a different backing fabric - I'm very happy to make you a custom listing!  

Happy Halloween Projects!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Heart My Cricut

Do you have a Cricut!?!  I remember the first time I saw one - I thought it looked like fun but I don't scrapbook so what is the point, right?  Well, I have changed my tune, I still don't scrapbook but I have MANY reasons to own one!  

I am struggling to take good pictures of my latest paper crafts so this is only a sneak peek.  Nothing ruins a great idea faster than a bad picture, trust me!  
This is six layers of paper, two of which are the most fabulous glittery paper ever - all the shimmer and shine of glitter paper without the mess, gotta love quality!!!

I have several fabulous paper crafts to sell on my Etsy shop but until I can take a picture that makes them pop like they do in person...I will work on developing my patience!!!

I heart my Cricut machine and am looking forward to learning new techniques and playing with new mediums...so many ideas, not enough time!  Please share your favorite Cricut projects with me!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Opportunity Knocks!!!

My husband had the career opportunity of a lifetime offered to him in November 2010 and he took it!  In a manic rush we packed up and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in December 2010.  We didn't know what to expect of our new city so we focused on my husband's job, and we started making a list of everything we loved about our new home.  

The top spot on my list was SUNSHINE - Portland has 300+ days of overcast skies and/or rain a year and Salt Lake City has 300+ days of sunshine a year, maybe more!  The second spot on my list was "time for hobbies."  I have had many interests and hobbies throughout my life, and now that I am a mom, I want to sew and craft all the more!  I have an insatiable need to create fun, unique things for my darling little girl!!!

Building on my "time for hobbies" theme I have opened an online quilt fabric by-the-yard shop that will also feature some of my creations.  My shop is named:  StitchStashDiva.
This blog will serve as a creative space to share ideas, tutorials, and I will be having fabulous giveaways and special offers for my readers.  On the right side of the blog is a sampling of the fun and trendy fabrics I am currently selling in my shop.  Click on the StitchStashDiva link at the bottom of the features to visit my Etsy store, or click here.  Click on my Facebook badge and LIKE my Facebook page to be updated on current products, giveaways, and special offers, or click here.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope to inspire the Crafty Diva in you!!!

- Tayva