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Monday, July 25, 2011

Halloween Apron TUTORIAL

Thank you for purchasing the Halloween Apron KIT from my Etsy shop!  The following TUTORIAL is the way I make these aprons.  The Skeleton Apron Panel is a complete project alone, but as part of this kit you will create an improved "finished" product with a professional edge and a happy wash-and-wear bonus! If you have a fabulous tip you would like to share please post a comment below.  Thanks, and Happy Sewing!!!

Step 1:  Pre-Wash your fabric on cold and tumble dry on low.  Iron fabric.
Step 2:  Lay the Skeleton Apron Panel on a clean work surface, right-side up.
Step 3:  Cut out the neck ties, pocket, and waist ties.
Step 4:  Iron neck and waist ties - fold 1/4" and press, fold in half and press.
Step 5:  Pocket - Fold long seam (at Skeleton wrist) 1/4" and press, then fold another 1/4" and press.  Fold the three remaining sides over 1/4" and press.
Step 6:  Carefully place the pocket over the matching scene on the panel.  Pin.
Step 7:  Sew around three sides of the pocket (leave top open), then sew two seams, between the leg bones, to create a total of three pockets.
Step 8:  Place the neck and waist ties in position, then pin.  I pull the length of the ties into the middle of the apron panel and pin again to avoid any shifting and the possibility of sewing a loose end of a tie into a seam by mistake.  Been there done that, just sayin'!  ;-)
Step 9:  Lay the backing fabric on a clean work surface, right-side up.  Place the Skeleton Apron panel on top of the backing fabric, right-side down.  Right-sides should be together.  Pin, pin, pin!
Step 10:  Use the white edge of the Skeleton Panel as your guide and sew a 1/4" seam around the entire apron, leaving a 4" opening to turn right-side out.
Step 11:  Trim along the white edge. 
TIP:  At the 4" opening I cut a wider edge, a 1/2" edge, to make finishing easier.  I prefer to leave my opening at the bottom so I cut the entire bottom edge 1/2" from the seam.
Step 12:  Turn Skeleton Apron right-side out.  Iron.  Pin, pin, pin.
Step 13:  Top stitch 1/4" from the edge around the entire apron.  This top stitching step is very important - it reduces the need to iron after washing!!!  I take my aprons out of the dryer when damp, smooth out the fabric, then let them air-dry.  Without top stitching there is a LOT of shifting and ironing is absolutely necessary.  Just because I know how to iron doesn't mean I want to!  ;-)
TIP:  I like to make two seams, one a 1/4" from the edge, and another one millimeter inside the edge.  This second top stitching is not necessary, it is just a handmade bonus, and I like the look! 
 Voila - WELL DONE!
I hope you enjoyed this Skeleton Apron KIT!  These aprons are a fun treat for ourselves, a fabulous gift for the special Halloween-Loving-Person in your life, a hostess gift, or a unique teacher gift!  The manufacturer is completely out of the Skeleton Apron Panels and my supply is limited.  Re-order today, when they are gone they are gone!

Happy Sewing!!!

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  1. Love the tutorial!! I can't wait to try making one this way.