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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabric Rewards Program!!!

I am SO happy to introduce my new Fabric Rewards Program!!!  I started my program this past week and some of you have been happily surprised to receive your post cards, thank you for the overwhelmingly positive and happy feedback!!!  Love it!  

I love so many things about my Fabric Rewards Program but my three favorite features are:

1) Awards are available in different amounts...so you have options depending on your purchasing style!

2) Points are calculated for you!  With each purchase you will receive a reward post card with your points for that purchase, as well as your total available points AND your options for claiming your FREE FABRIC!

3) Nothing to keep track of!  Since I keep track of your name & points earned/redeemed, you don't have to carry a customer loyalty card in your wallet...you can spend your time choosing fabric instead of keeping track of cards!  One of my favorite Local Quilt Shops has a reward card that is too large for my wallet so I always lose mine.  I am always getting a new card and wasting time at home trying to find my other cards...I have eliminated this hassle for you!  Enjoy, and thank you for being my customer!!!

I am SO thankful and appreciative for all of you choosing my shop, and for the level of thought and collaboration you all invested in this program!!!  Your ideas were FABULOUS!!!  I plan to develop and make adjustments as needed, so after you receive your own post cards with your next purchase please feel free to share any and all ideas you have for me to improve this program!  Thank you again for all of your help!

Shop Notice:

My husband and I are moving from Salt Lake City to Park City, so I will be closing my shop for two weeks so I can pack, move, clean, unpack...you all know the drill!  I will most definitely re-open early if possible, but as for now I plan to close my shop on May 1st and re-open May 15th!  Still plenty of time to shop and get enough fabric to hold you over until I reopen!  Message me for a custom listing or check out my new shop section "Create Your Own Bundles" to customize your order without waiting for a custom listing!  Happy Shopping!!!

As a little preview...here is a photo out of my new shop window!!!  This alone makes the move totally worth all of the work!  The Park City ski slopes right outside my window!!!  This house is on 4 acres down a cute little country road...10 minutes from the Post Office & Starbucks!  LOVE my new home!!!  More pictures soon!


  1. Wow, love the view, lucky you!

  2. WoW! Love the view! Good luck with your move.

  3. Great View !! Wow !! Good luck with the move !!

  4. Ha, just seen that i almost copied PrissyO's comment. (:

  5. Love it Tayva! So happy for you and Joe! What a wonderful view! I will look into getting some fabric ordered before you move and thanks for the adorable pics!!