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Monday, January 9, 2012

Receiving Blanket & Burp Cloth TUTORIAL

Have you noticed all of the babies being born lately!?!  When I was a new mom I went through SO many receiving blankets, every single day!  My daughter was a bit of a barfer (hi sweetie!) so I preferred to use receiving blankets as burp cloths, and I used my burp cloths as "liners" on my changing table.  One of my favorite gifts to make for new babies is this Receiving Blanket & Burp Cloth Set. 
Receiving Blanket & Two Burp Cloths TUTORIAL:
Step 1:  Pre-Wash & Dry TWO Yards of High Quality Cotton Flannel.  I prefer to use two different/coordinating prints, as you will see in the following pictures.  Iron.  Cut each yard of fabric, right-side up, into three pieces.  For the Blanket: 25.5" x 31.5" and for the Burp Cloths cut two:  16.5" x 12.5"
 Tip:  When working with patterns always cut RIGHT-SIDE UP so you can follow patterns exactly.  For this set I chose to cut between dots so that when sewn, the half dot edge forms a really cool look, like binding without having to add binding, love it!  
 Step 2:  Place both Receiving Blanket pieces right-sides together.  Place fabric for both Burp Cloths right-sides together.  PIN!
 Tip:  The better you cut and the better you pin the better your finished product will look.  I get very impatient and excited and want to rush and skip steps, but cutting and pinning are two things I have learned (the hard way, ahem) to take great pride in details.
 Step 3:  Sew 1/4" seams around all four sides leaving a small opening, enough space to turn the piece right-sides out.  Back Stitch at both sides of the opening - this will prevent ripped stitches when turning right-sides out.
 Step 4:  Snip all four corners.
 A close up of clipped corners.
 Step 5:  Turn each piece right-sides out.  Iron.
 Step 6:  Top-Stitch 1/4" around all four sides.  I also sew a second stitch, at the opening, as close to the edge as possible.  This second stitch is not required, but I like to make baby items as sturdy as possible knowing it will be washed often!
 Voila!  A Receiving Blanket & Burp Cloths Set
 I like to fold all three pieces up and wrap them with a lovely piece of organza ribbon, presentation! 
 Certain to be a well-loved (and well used!) gift!
I have been a HUGE fan of Robert Kaufman's Cozy Cotton Flannels for as many years as I have been sewing flannel!  Even though my daughter is now a toddler, I still use the burp cloths I made her for many purposes, and they still look as wonderful as they did 2 years ago!  Quality is everything!  

I sell several different Cozy Cotton Flannels in my shop and I HIGHLY recommend purchasing some for your stash, if you haven't already!  When you are in the mood to sew and then actually find the time to sew, nothing is better than having a well-stocked stash waiting for you!  Summer is a challenging time to find a good selection of quality flannel so please have a look through my shop and stock up today!  Here are a few pictures of my current inventory:



  1. This is so cute! I have a baby shower coming up and I think I may just have to make this! Thanks for the great idea! =)

  2. Came over from the FABULOUS Fabric giveaway with WC...love this TUTORIAL...and any tutorial is a wonderful thing...and omg...a tutorial with fabulous fabric choices...got to love it!