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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Customer Appreciation Photos!!!

First of all, my customers are the BEST!!!  When I started my Etsy shop I thought I was starting a simple online fabric by-the-yard business, a little hobby.  I had very humble goals and expectations.  Then...I opened my shop...and I am having more FUN than I ever dreamed!

Every day I have messages from new fun and fabulous people, both domestic and international.  Such a surprise, a very happy surprise!!!  Some messages are requests for custom bundles, some are requests for custom bundles and help determining how much fabric they need for various projects, and some messages are just fan mail - people who love my fabric and took their precious time to reach out and write me happy little notes.  I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!

One of my very first customers was a fabulous woman from Oregon, my former home state!  She found my shop through a Google search, then messaged me with window and crib dimensions and asked for my help to determine how much fabric she needed.  That was SO much fun!  We chatted briefly on the phone, I did a little research and math, then voila, a Reserved Listing was made!  She just sent me pictures of her son's room and gave me both her permission and blessing to share.  Thanks, A!!!

I had so much fun with all of the e-mail exchanges we had...such a fabulous lady!!!

Two or three weeks after I opened my shop I had another amazing woman message me, this time from Australia!  She is expecting a baby girl and wanted to decorate her daughter's nursery in Red & Black Ladybugs, loved my Ann Kelle Ladybug fabric, but doesn't sew yet.  For those of you who know me, I absolutely LOVE Red & Black Ladybugs!!!  Understatement!!!  My daughter's 2nd Birthday Party is a Red & Black Ladybug Themed party, woot, woot...pictures soon!  She asked if I would sew crib bumpers and a quilt for her, since she doesn't sew...yet!  I have a feeling she will be sewing in the very near future!  She too, was SO much fun to exchange e-mail with...I am so blessed and fortunate to keep meeting such amazing people through my shop.  Happy Bonus!!!

I stayed up late three nights in a row and finished the nursery bedding set for R. and she just sent me photos of her daughter's nursery!  Enjoy!

I keep meeting the most vibrant and amazing people through my shop, LOVE it!!!  I can't tell you how many times throughout the day I smile at my computer, having fun - I think YES!  I find myself also sending little messages to other Etsy shops with "fan" mail, so much fun!

My Halloween Kits are finished and will be posted in my shop this weekend!  I caught a cold this past weekend and that really slowed me down this week, not good!  I am waiting for a couple of special touches to really make my pictures pop, and trust me it will be worth the wait!  2 days, more pictures and goodies to buy in 2 days!

If you have made anything you feel like sharing please send me a note and your pictures!  I would love to post items made with fabric from my shop, but I welcome pictures of any handmade project you want to share!  I check my Etsy messages often! 


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