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Monday, November 5, 2012

Stylin Babyz GIVEAWAY!!!

Lorinda from STYLIN BABYZ is having TWO GIVEAWAYS with me this week!!!  TWO lucky winners will each win:

- Set of Burp Cloths of Winner's Choosing from:  Stylin Babyz
- $25 Gift Certificate to Stitch Stash Diva

Here are just a few of my favorites in her shop:
These Custom Burp Cloths are SO well made and so luxurious you will find any excuse to use them!!!  Measuring 10" x 17.5" these burp cloths are truly multi-use gorgeous accessories for the new mom!  Each burp cloth has FOUR layers:  the top of each burp cloth is made from High Quality Quilter's Cotton, the middle is two layers of cotton Birdseye fabric for absorbancy, and the backing is super fabulous chenille!!!

Whether you are pregnant, a new mom, a grandma, or a really great friend, you will most definitely want to keep a couple sets of these gorgeous burp cloths on hand for the perfect Baby Shower Gift, if not to indulge yourself!!!  A new mom can never have too many burp cloths, let alone gorgeous accessories like these from Stylin Babyz!

My very favorite feature (besides the High Quality Materials and Gorgeous Fabric Choices) is the size of these burp cloths.  So many burp cloths nowadays are tiny and in my opinion, useless, because unless you can predict a good burp you won't catch it, and while the tiny burp cloth kept your hand warm, your clothes caught the mess, ahem!  Each Stylin Babyz burp cloth is meant to catch any mess your little makes, is a great size for your home changing table or a public changing table, and also a fabulous size to tuck in the car seat with your little.  I always like to tuck a burp cloth in my daughter's car seat to keep her dry, and so we don't have a super fun parking lot wardrobe change, ahem!

Please show your support for Lorinda's One-Mama-Handmade-Shop by entering our joint giveaway and having a look through her shop for a custom and truly fabulous gift for someone special in your life!  The new baby in your life says Thank You!!!

This GIVEAWAY is open internationally, winner will pay the shipping on the burp cloths.

Happy BONUS:  Lorinda is offering ALL of my fabulous readers a 15% DISCOUNT on all purchases through November 12th, 2012!!!  At checkout please use the code:


Happy Shopping, and Thank YOU for supporting a Handmade-Mom-Business!!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Treehouse Kids Dolls GIVEAWAY!!!

My sister, Leila, just opened a brand new doll shop, Treehouse Kids Dolls, and is having a HUGE GIVEAWAY!!! Click HERE to enter - TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! 

These dolls are over-the-top adorable!!!  Handmade by a mom of 4 boys, these dolls are made to last (read: durable)!  In addition to these dolls being the cutest rag doll I've ever seen, my very favorite feature is having the clothes and socks sewn onto the doll, no more naked dollies!!!  My 3 year old is a pro at undressing her baby dolls but putting clothes on, of no interest, ahem. 

My Sister Leila & Her SUPER Cute Treehouse Kids Dolls!!!
 The GIVEAWAY Prizes!!!

Have you ever made a Doll for your little!?!  A year ago I packed up a box of fabric and visited my mom's house with big plans to make a few dozen rag dolls from a pattern I purchased off of Etsy.  There is just something so special about handmade dolls, do you know what I'm talking about!?!

Anyhow, hours and DAYS later, with very little progress (you are smiling if you have ever made a rag doll), I realized my big plans were modified to finishing a few dolls for my daughter to play with in my fabric shop.  Rag Dolls are TOUGH to make and more time consuming than imaginable!!!

Most clever idea ever, a Treasure Pocket!!!
 Reminds me of that Happy Childhood Feeling!!!

NOW is the time to purchase a Treehouse Kid Doll for your little.  Tuck it away for Christmas, and you have almost three months to sew a box of cute clothes for your little to open with their doll!!!  As a special for my blog readers you will receive a PDF Pillowcase Dress Pattern, a FREE BONUS!!!  Simply leave a note at checkout "Dress Pattern" and your pattern will be e-mailed to you!

As an added bonus, I will offer all of my followers FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all of your fabric orders the entire month of October with each doll purchased!  When you purchase your doll, leave a note at checkout "StitchStashDiva" and you will receive an e-mail with a code to apply to ALL of your purchases, all month long.  

Click HERE to start shopping for your little's very own Treehouse Kids Doll!!!

Click HERE and LIKE Treehouse Kids Doll on Facebook to learn of sales and Limited Edition items!

Thank you for checking out my sister's new doll shop!  Please share the love and be sure to PIN these super cute dolls and handmade treasures on your Pinterest boards, and share with your play groups!

Happy October!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Daughter's Gnome Home!!!

For the most part this is a sewing blog, however, my sister was in town and we made SO many fun wooden toys for my daughter that I have to share a few!  Today I will share pictures of my daughter's fancy new Gnome Home for her upcoming 3rd birthday!
 My Sister Leila & Me (Tayva)
My daughter loves all things little and is naturally drawn to her wooden toys, so I wanted to make her a set of peg-people gnomes for her birthday.   Then came Pinterest, ahem, and I pinned so many cute Gnomes and Gnome Homes that when my sister said she was coming to visit us this summer I told her I wanted to make a Gnome Home and needed her help.  My sister is a super fancy artist, and at the first mention of this project she was in!

"Normal" people pack clothes in their suitcases when they go on vacation, am I right!?!  In my family we pack paint brushes and tools, I LOVE my family!  My sister brought her fancy scroll saw, drill, a big box of brushes and two power sanders.  To top it all off, she pulled out two big chunks of grape vine!  She had clothes in there too, but watching her pull tool after tool out, very impressive!  Again, my sister rocks!

We went to home depot to buy wood for the platforms and base, then we came home and my sister started drawing all over it with pencils.  She cut the pieces all out with her scroll saw, then she started to play with the pieces to find the perfect balance and combination.

Each piece of the Gnome Home was secured with heavy duty screws and the finished product is so sturdy my daughter could climb on it because my sister is very impressive like that, and she has 4 boys!  We wet down each piece of wood, watered down our paints, and we painted the pieces to achieve a color-wash effect.  After everything dried we hot glued moss around the edges and in various places to cover up the screws.

I made one quick set of peg-people Gnomes to go with this Gnome Home and look forward to making some really fancy Gnomes in the near future.  Please leave a comment to any links (or your own Pinterest pages) if you have other fancy Gnome ideas, I am always looking for more!  Whenever there is a choice between shiny plastic toys that light up and entertain or wooden toys my daughter ALWAYS chooses her wooden toys!  These colorful little Gnomes have been an even bigger hit than I expected...and I still can't find two of them!  Smart little girl, she knows they aren't for her to play with just yet so she has hidden them safely out of my sight!  Wise beyond her three little years!  Now the biggest trick is to store her fancy Gnome Home out of sight until her birthday, wish me luck!

My sister and I made individual name puzzles (Hanukkah & Christmas presents for Ziva's friends), rainbow wood blocks, wooden elements (water, fire etc.), and cut out a lot of wooden trees for future gnome projects!  I will be posting pictures of our other creations in the near future!!!  For now, here are more pictures of different angles of my daughter's birthday Gnome Home, enjoy!!!
Ziva's 3rd Birthday Present
 The Top Forest Platform
 Stairs & Swing on the Middle Platform
 The Bottom Platform has 2 Fun Doorways...
 ...and a Fun Little Bridge over the Stream!
 Birds Nest...now I need little Gnome Birdies!
 We used Liquid Nails to secure the two Grape Vines together, then covered it up with moss!
 Designed for 360 Degrees of Playtime
Making this Gnome Home has been one of the most fun projects in recent years, highly recommend!  Please feel free to check out my Pinterest boards and/or leave comments on this post if you have links to other fun ideas, I'm always collecting them!  I will post pictures of the other wooden toys my sister helped me make very soon...first I need to list new fabric in my shop!

On another very happy note, my sister Leila who was the design and engineering genius of this project is opening her own doll company in a few weeks!!!  She made my daughter a special one-of-a-kind doll and it is killing me to not post a picture of it right this second, but I am waiting until her official opening!  As soon as her shop is up and open (later this month!!!) I will post a feature on this blog and on my Facebook page with some FABULOUS and happy bonuses for all of you, time to get excited, trust me!!!  If you have a little in your life ages 0-8 be sure to follow this blog and keep checking!  Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited!?!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday The 13th SALE!

I have upgraded my former "$5 Friday Specials" to now include multiple sale items each Friday!  In honor of today being FRIDAY THE 13TH, I put all of my brand new Moda Halloween Fabrics, Charm Packs, and Patterns on sale - 15% OFF!  Maybe a 13% Off Sale would have been more catchy...but I personally like a 15% Off Sale all the better!
My Moda box arrived and when I saw the Halloween fabric I just HAD to make myself one of the "Yummy Candy" tote bags.  LOVE IT!  Here are pictures of the front and back:
 Love My Monster!!!
 Love it!
 Available In My Shop!!!
 I am NOT an applique person.  To be perfectly clear, I absolutely adore all things appliqued, but I have never been any good at it!  Sadly.  I purchased a gorgeous Dragonfly quilt pattern 8 years ago...started cutting it out...and it is currently neatly folded and unfinished staring me in the face when I look at my stash!  Can any of you relate!?!

This pattern is SO cute and I have a weakness for patchwork (as in I LOVE IT SO MUCH) that I decided to give this darling tote bag a try.  SO happy I did!

Included in the pattern are the Monster & Yummy Candy applique patterns.  I held the pattern up to the window, set my heat-and-bond on top of the paper pattern, traced, and voila - I'm pretty proud of how well it turned out, if you haven't noticed, ahem!

This tote bag is the perfect size - perfect to substitute as a purse, diaper bag, book bag, music bag...I think we all need this Halloween tote bag!  As parents/grandparents/special-people we all spend so much of our free time creating gorgeous and unique treasures for our littles...and while this could be yet another fabulous gift for your little, I HIGHLY recommend making this for yourself - your very own special Halloween treat!

I only have 3 of these patterns available for sale in my shop, and as part of my Friday The 13th Sale, they are also 15% of the already fabulous price!  I only have 11 of the Monster Bash Charm Packs available as well, also on sale.  So...make sure you head on over to my Etsy Shop and check out the "Friday Specials" section of my shop and get your pattern and charm packs right away!

Wishing you all a very happy Friday The 13th!  Bwahahahaha!

- Tayva (StitchStashDiva)

Monday, July 2, 2012

$100 Giveaway!!!

To celebrate 6,000 sales I am hosting TWO $100 Giveaways!!!

1) For every $10 you spend in my fabric shop between July 1 - 14th you will receive ONE entry into a $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway!  The winner will be chosen on Sunday July 15th.  Open to ALL customers, including International.  Good Luck!!!

2) Facebook/Rafflecopter $100 Giveaway!  You may earn up to 15 entries today, and you may continue to enter daily for an additional 2 entries!  This contest runs from July 2 - 14th and the winner will also be announced on Sunday July 15th.  Open to ALL customers as well!  Good Luck!!!

Thank you all for making my first year of business so much fun!  New fabric will be added daily through July, Happy Shopping!!!

- Tayva (StitchStashDiva)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fabric Rewards Program!!!

I am SO happy to introduce my new Fabric Rewards Program!!!  I started my program this past week and some of you have been happily surprised to receive your post cards, thank you for the overwhelmingly positive and happy feedback!!!  Love it!  

I love so many things about my Fabric Rewards Program but my three favorite features are:

1) Awards are available in different amounts...so you have options depending on your purchasing style!

2) Points are calculated for you!  With each purchase you will receive a reward post card with your points for that purchase, as well as your total available points AND your options for claiming your FREE FABRIC!

3) Nothing to keep track of!  Since I keep track of your name & points earned/redeemed, you don't have to carry a customer loyalty card in your wallet...you can spend your time choosing fabric instead of keeping track of cards!  One of my favorite Local Quilt Shops has a reward card that is too large for my wallet so I always lose mine.  I am always getting a new card and wasting time at home trying to find my other cards...I have eliminated this hassle for you!  Enjoy, and thank you for being my customer!!!

I am SO thankful and appreciative for all of you choosing my shop, and for the level of thought and collaboration you all invested in this program!!!  Your ideas were FABULOUS!!!  I plan to develop and make adjustments as needed, so after you receive your own post cards with your next purchase please feel free to share any and all ideas you have for me to improve this program!  Thank you again for all of your help!

Shop Notice:

My husband and I are moving from Salt Lake City to Park City, so I will be closing my shop for two weeks so I can pack, move, clean, unpack...you all know the drill!  I will most definitely re-open early if possible, but as for now I plan to close my shop on May 1st and re-open May 15th!  Still plenty of time to shop and get enough fabric to hold you over until I reopen!  Message me for a custom listing or check out my new shop section "Create Your Own Bundles" to customize your order without waiting for a custom listing!  Happy Shopping!!!

As a little preview...here is a photo out of my new shop window!!!  This alone makes the move totally worth all of the work!  The Park City ski slopes right outside my window!!!  This house is on 4 acres down a cute little country road...10 minutes from the Post Office & Starbucks!  LOVE my new home!!!  More pictures soon!

Friday, April 6, 2012

1,000 Facebook Fans - Thank You!!!

This is Good Friday indeed, this morning my Facebook page blasted past 1,000 Fans!  Thank you to ALL of you who have liked my page and who shop my Etsy fabric shop!  

As a thank you, I am having a $100 Stitch Stash Diva Gift Certificate Giveaway!!!  Open World-Wide, one lucky winner will win $100 to spend in my shop - may be used towards fabric and shipping! 

Thank you!!!

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring!!!

All the best,

Tayva (StitchStashDiva)